The New Economy and the Message of Pope Francis

Is Infinite Economic Growth possible on a planet of finite resources?

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The New Economy and the Message of Pope Francis
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Is infinite economic growth possible on a planet of finite resources?

The implied belief that the answer to this question is 'yes' is a real problem, one of survival, justice and of valuing what is beautiful.

It is of serious concern to Christians and to Pope Francis himself. He recognises the link between a growing economy and the degradation of the environment. Along with others, he proposes a 'new economy', with real structural changes.

The forum, led by Dr Hayden Washington, Anne Lanyon, Dr Luke Fletcher and Jason Falinski MP, will look at the need for the New Economy, its relevance to Christianity, the impact on Australia's near neighbours and how ordinary people can respond to the dilemma created by endless growth.

Dr Haydn Washington:
Environmental scientist and writer, University of New South Wales

The Environment and a Sustainable Economy

Anne Lanyon:
Co-ordinator of the Columban Mission Institute Centre for Peace Ecology and Justice.

Laudato Si and the New Economy

Dr Luke Fletcher:
Executive Director of Jubilee Australia.

Australia's impact on the economic life of our Pacific neighbours

Jason Falinski:
Federal MP for the Electorate of Mackellar.

Infinite Growth on a Planet of Finite Resources – What can a voter do?

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